"Our adviser is honest and a man of integrity. He's genuine and strives to do his best for clients. He also takes the time to get to know us before making a recommendation. We have a great time working with him, as he always breaks down the insurance jargon for us."

Ms Petrina Kow | Communications and Voice Coach

“My adviser is a sincere, thoughtful and professional wealth planner. Throughout the whole period of working together, the advice that she has provided was always well-organised and straight to the point. There was no fluff and everything was transparent. Not only were her comparisons thorough and detailed, she uses clear strategies which always gives us very helpful suggestions on what we should and should not do.

We are pleased to have her as our adviser and fully entrust our risk management and retirement planning to her.”

E Sathiaseelan | Client of Professional Investment Advisory Services Pte Ltd

“I had the honour to encounter my adviser professionally and was introduced to her expertise in investment opportunities. I was highly impressed by her knowledge of the industry and her grasp of various investment opportunities available. Her ability to analyze my financial situation made obvious her experience in this field.

I have experienced other investment adviser in the past, but never the likes of her. Such is my trust in her as a person and her professionalism that I have entrusted my entire present and future investment plans in her hands, knowing that she will ensure my portfolio is protected and will mature with healthy returns.”

Ivan KL | Client of Professional Investment Advisory Services Pte Ltd

“I’ve known my adviser for years and find him to be a caring professional who truly listens to his clients’ needs. With him, you never feel pressured or treated like a “sales target” – instead, you feel like you’re talking with a trusted friend who offers great solutions for all your financial needs. 

His expert knowledge makes planning, protecting and growing one’s wealth easily accessible while his personable nature is refreshing. I trust him for his insight, knowledge and passion to provide his clients with the best wealth management service possible.”

Jenny T | Client of Professional Investment Advisory Services Pte Ltd

“I have known my adviser for the past seven years and find him to be a very knowledgeable and competent individual. He is trustworthy, communicates well and understands my financial needs and matches them with suitable tools very well. I find him to be very reliable, a confidante for financial matters. Prior to knowing him, I had no long term retirement plan from an investment viewpoint and was deeply in debt (with banks and credit cards). After being introduced to him, my financial life has stabilized and improved tremendously over time. Debt has been reduced and will be cleared totally by the end of 2011. Investments have borne results and there is now a financial plan towards retirement. I feel that he always has his clients’ wellbeing upfront rather than the pushing of products and services to simply close a sale.”

Terence T | Client of Professional Investment Advisory Services Pte Ltd

“I came to know of my adviser through a friend in church who recommended that I speak to him to learn how to be more prudent and wiser with my finances. I had been married for just over two years and supporting a wife and baby daughter on a single income meant having to be more careful with my money. I've been with him for the past three years, and it's been great. He has recommended various investment and insurance products to better cover my family and help take care of our long-term financial needs. He is quite approachable and open in sharing information about the products and market, making it easier for me to balance my long-term financial needs with my more immediate needs. I would be happy to recommend his services to others.”

Eugene L | Client of Professional Investment Advisory Services Pte Ltd

“I was introduced to my adviser by a friend and I have been with him for the past two years. Professionally, he is competent, knowledgeable and has a holistic approach to financial planning. He listens well to his client’s needs and is able to recommend products accordingly. He is a patient, approachable person and not pushy. He is always diligent in his responsibilities where he keeps me updated on trends, financial situations and provides me with options. Since knowing him, I have seen growth in my investments. I have greater peace of mind, knowing that my financial needs are managed professionally and with care.”

Au Yong, WH | Client of Professional Investment Advisory Services Pte Ltd

“I came to know of my adviser through an introduction. Since then, I have been with him for the past four years. Prior to having professional financial advice, I found my financial situation to be unplanned, ad-hoc and messy. I now have better visibility of my financial situation and am better able to appreciate various investments and insurance products. This is my first time having professional financial advice and I find it to be a great service in which I have recommended my adviser to a friend.”

Tan EH | Client of Professional Investment Advisory Services Pte Ltd

“I was introduced to my adviser by my colleague. I have known him for the past one year and I find him to be very competent and professional compared to my previous adviser. Prior to having professional advice, I found that I was lacking of such knowledge knowing that it is important. Thanks to him, I am now more confident in investing.”

Khoo JH | Client of Professional Investment Advisory Services Pte Ltd

“My adviser treats me more like a friend than a client. He advises me on investments and other financial related matters based on my needs rather than promoting products for his advantages. His professionalism is displayed through his consistent updates of my investment portfolio, putting me at ease amid my busy life. It is a comfort to know that my investments are in good hands.”

Seet WK | Client of Professional Investment Advisory Services Pte Ltd

“I knew my adviser a couple of years before I approached him to manage my portfolio. I have the advantage of getting to know him as a person outside of his profession before I found out about his vocation. That time, there was no financial planning need on my part too. I saw in his integrity, trustworthiness, financial acumen as well as the fear of God. So when the need for financial planning service arose, it was easy to who I should go to for help.

I have engaged him as my financial planner for about four years. So far my portfolio has increased by about 14%. As I am a rather hands-off client, he has been very proactive in his recommendations. Understanding my needs and risk appetite, he was able to recommend the investment accordingly.

I would definitely recommend him to a friend who needs an adviser.”

Linda C | Client of Professional Investment Advisory Services Pte Ltd

“I have worked with my adviser for almost three years. In that time he has become not just a fantastic and integral part of our financial planning but a close personal friend.

His style has been refreshing in that he engenders a simple and straightforward approach that is both reassuring and intimate. He has been a revelation for us and made sensible and pragmatic decisions on investments that have yielded good results.

In a world full of advice, I have found my truly trusted adviser.”

B Cupples | Client of Professional Investment Advisory Services Pte Ltd

“I knew my adviser from church and got to know that he became an adviser after he came back from his studies in Australia. Having worked for a number of years and accumulated some savings, we decided to engage his services to help us manage our finances more effectively and he has been doing so for the past five years.

One thing which I really like about his services is that he never recommends me products which are not relevant to my needs. He is honest and seeks to maximise my interests above his own revenue. He is also responsive and committed to his role as an adviser. Whenever there are opportunities to invest in a particular market or product, that is aligned to my overall financial objectives, he would keep my husband and I informed fairly quickly so that we would have the lead time to make the investment decisions. He would also respond to my questions, doubts or concerns with empathy, patience and timely advice. He also seeks to level up my understanding of the financial context and the market trends to facilitate my decision making with regard to our investments.

While I had some savings and was fairly prudent in my spending before I engaged his services, I did not have a sense of clarity with regard to my financial situation or have any long term plan with regard to my retirement plans. Having engaged his services, I have greater clarity around my financial situation, and also a better sense of the impact of some life decisions on my financial goals. For instance, if my husband and I ever have to live with a single income, what is the impact of that decision on our lifestyle, and on our retirement plans?

Since I began using his services, I have already recommended him to two of my friends. One of them has been using his services and even referred him to her husband. I will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who seeks for an adviser who is honest and competent in his job.”

Chia NN | Client of Professional Investment Advisory Services Pte Ltd

"Over the past few years that I've known my adviser, she has become indispensable to me. I know she is in this business for the long run, and for me, that is a highly valued trait.

Despite having asked all the 'right' questions with my previous financial planners, I realised I never understood the answers until I met my PIAS adviser. She's always keen to improve my financial standing and she goes about her work in a humble manner. Every time I see her, I'll remark, 'I wish I had known you earlier."

Ms Lisa Chua | Senior Manager

“PIAS is one of the largest and most established financial advisory firms in Singapore. Strong management leadership, client-centric philosophy and an advisory based model are the cornerstones of their success.”

Lim Wee Kiong | General Manager, Platform Services | iFAST Financial Pte Ltd

“PIAS has demonstrated that it has very strong internal process and productive advisory forces to keep its business afloat during challenging times like the global financial crisis and emerged stronger to propel its business for future growth. UOBAM is proud to be PIAS' partner over the last few years.”

Paul Liu | Senior Director, Head of Business Development (Retail) | UOB Asset Management Ltd

“The financial advisory professionals at PIAS are indeed among the very best that offer in-depth financial advisory services. As a brand, PIAS is well known and entrenched in the Singapore landscape as one of the most dynamic financial advisory firms. With our tie up with PIAS in estate planning services, we are confident of a successful collaboration. Together, we will bring value to clients of PIAS.”

Lee Chiwi | Chief Executive Officer | Rockwills International Pte Ltd

“PIAS is one of the leading financial advisory firms in the Singapore with a dedicated team of investment research, business support and knowledgeable advisers. In the business of providing holistic financial planning and advisory services, PIAS is committed to provide solutions to meet their clients' needs.”

Albert Tse | Head of Intermediary Distribution, South East Asia | Schroder Investment Management (S) Ltd

“We are delighted to be one of the chosen business partners of PIAS which has demonstrated fairness, transparency and adequacy in their business interactions with product and service providers consistently over the years.”

Belinda Tan | Regional Sales Manager (SEA) | Friends Provident International Ltd (Singapore Branch)

“Franklin Templeton has worked with PIAS for a number of years now and we are very glad to say that our relationship gets warmer each year. We find the PIAS management approachable and sincere, while the competent financial services directors continue to groom quality advisers. We appreciate the close working relationship we have with PIAS and look forward to growing our business together.”

William Tan | Director, Retail Fund Distribution | Franklin Templeton Investments

“PIAS has a group of enthusiastic advisers who are knowledgeable, professional and ethical. The capability of the management team will continue to be a key driving force behind the firm's success.”

Lionel Florentin | Head of Distribution, Southeast Asia | Amundi Singapore Ltd

“We consider PIAS an important partner. The PIAS team has proven themselves to be innovative, professional and always a pleasure to deal with. We look forward to maintaining a close and long term relationship.”

Trevor Chudleigh | Head, Business Development | Fullerton Fund Management Company Ltd