Fair Dealing Commitment

At PIAS, the focus is always on you, our valued existing and potential clients. We are always focused in providing sound and quality financial advice and services in a fair and professional manner.

Our Directors and Senior Management commit to advocate and endeavour to deliver the fair dealing outcomes to you below:

  • Our Directors and Senior Management are committed to advocate a fair dealing culture within PIAS;
  • The products and service recommended by PIAS are selected, reviewed and endorsed by PIAS to be suitable for your particular needs, financial objectives and situation;
  • Our professional advisers are constantly trained to be competent in providing sound advice and quality recommendations to you;
  • Clear, relevant and timely information and updates are presented for you to make informed financial decisions;
  • Every client will be assessed for knowledge of competency in the investment arena, and should the client require more assistance, we will provide the tools to help them gain competency, and, in the interim, should they wish to transact investment products, we will build in additional safeguards to ensure that the investments meet their needs; and
  • We have a robust and independent process in listening to, and resolving, your concerns and feedback in a prompt manner.

Having fair and professional practices are our focus. We welcome your feedback as we believe it will enable us to enhance our practices to the benefit of our clients. Please click here to forward your feedback or call +65 6372 5700. Alternatively, you may fax your feedback to us at +65 6372 5950.


The above statements are PIAS focus in providing fair dealing to all clients. It should not be construed as an admission of any liability or damages, as well as legal responsibility on the part of PIAS.