Singlife’s Speak Out Policy

At Professional Investment Advisory Services, the Business Ethics Code sets out the standards of behaviour expected from the company. This includes conducting ourselves with the highest standards of corporate ethics, integrity and honesty, and complying with all relevant laws and regulations. As part of the “Speak Out” programme, a confidential and secure whistleblowing service, facilitated by Ernst and Young (EY), has been put in place for internal and external parties to raise concerns about illegal or unethical practices within Professional Investment Advisory Services. Concerns can be reported, with the option for anonymity, via the following channels:

Website: [1]


Postal Address:
Ernst and Young Singapore
North Tower Level 18, 1 Raffles Quay,
Singapore 048583

Telephone[2] and Voicemail: 800 321 1465

[1] This webpage is hosted by EY and is not part of Singlife or Professional Investment Advisory Services website.

[2] Telephone line will be managed by a professional from EY from Monday to Friday from 9.00a.m to 6.00p.m on working days while the voicemail option is always available.


All concerns received by Ernst & Young will be forwarded to Singlife’s Group Internal Audit Department who may undertake the investigation directly or engage internal experts or external consultants to investigate the concerns. Your identity will be kept confidential throughout and beyond the investigation process, subject to Singlife’s legal obligations. If you have provided your details, we may contact you for more information, and you will be kept informed on the developments should you request for it.


Professional Investment Advisory Services does not tolerate retaliation against individuals who speak out and/or raise concern(s), and reports of retaliation will be investigated.