Personal Financial Advisory

Your dreams and aspirations require planning and saving. It's important that you have the right plans to build your wealth by making your money work harder for you.

  • Young singles, married without kids, married with kids

Life is full of uncertainties. To safeguard you and your loved ones' future, you need to prioritise your planning for adequate protection.

  • Young singles, married without kids, married with kids

With longer life expectancy and the ever-increasing cost of medical treatments, you need to ensure protect your wealth by having sufficient medical coverage.

  • Young singles, married without kids, married with kids

With careful planning, you can leave a legacy that will ensure your family's future. Enhance your wealth and create an immediate estate that can last generations.

  • Working adult

Cost of education is always rising and it's important to plan for your children tertiary education early. This is even more especially if you plan to send them to studies abroad.

  • For parents with young children

The CPFIS is the scheme that give CPF members more options in investing their CPF savings.  There are many types of investment choices available to suit different investment objectives and the main goal of the scheme is to help enhance your retirement savings.

  • Working adult, apply to those who have been working for a while (when there's enough money in CPF account to invest).

The different forms of general insurance are fire, marine, motor, accident and other miscellaneous non-life insurance.

  • Working adult, home owner, car owner, traveller

Inflation is a real thing and what it does is slowly erode your purchasing power if you do not do anything about it and park all your money in the bank. You need to ensure that your funds is working harder for you to earn a rate of returns that is higher than the inflation rate to achieve real growth.

  • Working adult, apply to those who have been working for a while

It's never too early to plan for retirement. Retirement is a long journey and it's vital to set aside sufficient funds for this purpose.

  • Working adult, apply to those who just started working, or have been working for a while

Risk management is intended to provide financial security through the use of financial strategies, tools and services. These are used in the attempt to mitigate large financial losses if and when they occur. A comprehensive risk management strategy will include the consideration of personal, property and liability risks.

Personal risk management includes the potential loss of income due to injury, poor health and unemployment. Property risks includes the potential loss of value of assets due to fire, hurricanes, negligence and other uncontrollable events. Finally, liability risks include situations such as lawsuits and damage to other’s property or person due to negligence.

  • Working adult

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