Uniquely PIAS

From Vision to Desired Lifestyle

Time and time again we witness the positive difference a well managed financial plan can make to a person’s life. Taking control of your finances can help you achieve your goals and discover a lifestyle which is protected and which you feel confident you can enjoy both now and in the future.


At PIAS, we make it a point to...

  Establish relations

  Gather information

  Analyse + Evaluate

  Develop + Propose

The first step is getting to know you and your family as well as finding out what you want to achieve through the financial planning process. We will conduct a detailed analysis of your financial status. We want to understand how much liabilities you have, where your current investments are, your insurance needs and much more. Most importantly we want to understand what you want to achieve. The better we understand you, the better we are able to create a financial plan that can help achieve all your goals and objectives. Detailed analysis of the information that you provide to us is the foundation of your financial plan. We carefully analyse your existing financial situation, goals and attitudes to find the best suited financial strategy to meet your needs. We will prepare our recommendations which we will present and explain to you. We will then give you time to review our proposal.