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Investment Philosophy

PIAS adopts a disciplined investment strategy, which consists of quantitative as well as qualitative analysis and seek to deliver outperformance of the sector averages and generate growth for the investor in the medium to long-term. Our High Conviction List shortlists the best-in-class funds, spanning across different investment strategies, asset classes, sectors, geographical focus and are independent of market cycles. The 10 Model Portfolios catered for investors of varying risk profiles and objectives are then constructed using the Core-Satellite approach, utilising funds curated from the High Conviction List.
Peer-to-peer fund comparisons are conducted using a scoring system where emphasis is placed on Performance returns as well as other quantitative indicators like Sharpe Ratio, Volatility, Total Expense Ratio and Maximum Drawdown. Other qualitative factors like the background of the fund management team, attrition in key fund managers or a unique proposition for instance, contribute to the final selection of best-in-class funds. The funds used for comparison are taken from our Approved Product List, and undergo rigorous due diligence checks and regular reviews.
The Core-Satellite Investment approach is a flexible way of structuring a portfolio to meet long-term goals as well addressing short-term investment opportunities. Core funds offer stability and diversification with a clearly defined long-term strategy and remains relatively consistent. The Satellite investments within the portfolio aim to exploit opportunities present in the market that are not reflected in the core portfolio, in line with the PIAS Market Outlook. 
Other guiding principles in our Model Portfolio construction include but are not exhaustive of, concentration checks on geographical regions, correlation checks and limiting of exposure to a single fund/ Fund House. With proper asset allocation, we seek to reduce overall volatility of the portfolios with the potential to outperform any one market to aid investors in achieving their financial goals over the medium to long-term.
The PIAS Investment team and/ or Product Steering Committee (PSC) retains the discretion to select funds within the High Conviction List or to rebalance Model Portfolios due to compelling quantitative or qualitative reasons, changes in market conditions, adverse findings in funds etc., during our regular reviews.
We strongly advocate an actively monitored investment strategy to achieve potentially consistent returns over the medium to long-term. Clients are encouraged to review their portfolios with their advisors on an ongoing basis or when there are significant market movements to ensure that their investment portfolios are in line with the current market situation.
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All investments, past performance of the mentioned collective investment schemes and life insurance policies and any projection of the economies, stock markets, bond markets and the economic trends of the markets are not necessarily indicative of the future performance. All investments, collective investment schemes and life insurance policies are subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested. Opinions and estimates are subject to change without notice. You are advised to read very carefully the applicable prospectus, product highlight sheet and/or profile statement of the collective investment schemes, as well as the applicable product summary, benefit illustration and product highlight sheet in respect of the life policies. To the maximum extent permitted by law, PIAS accepts no liability for any losses or damages (including direct, special, indirect, consequential, incidental or loss of profits) if any kind arising from or in connection with any reliance and/or use of the information (including any error, omission or misstatement, negligent or otherwise) or further communication, even if PIAS has been advised of the possibility thereof. 
Please seek advice from a Financial Adviser or consult a professional regarding the suitability of the investment product, taking into account your specific investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs, before making a commitment to purchase the investment product. You are required to make your own assessment of the relevance, accuracy and adequacy of the information contained in this site/ document.  In the event that you choose not to seek advice from a Financial Adviser or a professional, you should consider whether the product in question is suitable for you.
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